Gathering a deep understanding of the brand vision and translating across into a personalized approach is an area of our expertise.

NRG Global look to work as an extension of your current approaches, creating a streamlined approach is vital to customer experience, by fine tuning the sales process we can pass new consumers through your existing channels so you’re confident a consistent service is being achieved.

Every brand has a unique feature, we will ensure that is being exposed so that consumers have a deeper connection with your brand.  We will look to gather a deep understanding of your customer base, identify how your product work as a solution and develop a sales strategy around those key features.

Our hand selected brand ambassadors will not hit the field until they can demonstrate a full in-depth understanding of your brand and products, they will be working as the face and voice of your company and will be matched through mutual values.

With the initial consultation complete, we will communicate clear guidelines for your campaign.  These will be shared with everyone involved in the drive.  Our experience has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of quality control measures that offer immediate results when delivering customer focused approaches.

We don’t leave anything to chance, hand-selecting our independent brand ambassadors we conduct thorough vetting to ensure the representation is second to none.  Here at NRG Global pride ourselves on the confident and energetic approach we can offer.  Our training is all done in-house, and we adopted a fun and informative approach to ensure engagement levels are consistent.   We uphold motivation levels by reward schemes for achievements, they are tailored to everyone to offer maximum impact.

NRG Global is the high-energy solution for your brand, we only conduct engaging high energy strategies.  By having fun with your customers, we can forge a lasting connection on your behalf, the face to face approach allows hands-on demonstrations, a hassle-free atmosphere to share questions and develop trust within the brand.

Confidence in our ability to achieve results mean you only pay for the new customers we provide.  That way you can guarantee a ROI, not many other companies can promise those terms.

As consumers are reporting to disengage with digital and old school marketing methods, more brands are looking to develop campaigns that offer interactive options.

We specialize in face to face campaigns across Chicago, our client base is growing and we don’t think your brand can afford to miss out.

Our consumers are thrilled with the easy to measure results and guaranteed ROI.

Traditional marketing includes television advertising, billboards, and posters.  As markets are becoming more saturated, studies are showing people are disengaging with brands who solely use non-traditional methods.  NRG Global is keen to offer solutions to brands who are looking to get ahead in business and offer their consumers a more personalized approach to marketing.

Direct marketing methods used a NRG Global are both designed to be engaging and enjoyed by the consumer.  Designed to communicate a brand vision and generate awareness for new product launches.  The 4D approach allows the brand to demonstrate how products can integrate into their daily life, provide solutions and this level of engagement goes a long way to develop trust and understanding between brand and customer.  Our direct marketing approaches can take place in areas of work, residence and public places where foot flow is high.